Conference Superstars!
This is where you got to find all of the resources from the 2018 Conference.

We will update this as more comes in but here is what we have managed to wrangle so far!
Lizzie Chase
Chris Fraser
Kris Graham - Hundred Charts to Differentiate
Kris Graham - Domino Games to Differentiate
Kris Graham - Dice Games to Differentiate
Kris Graham - Card Games to Differentiate
Kris Westcott - Addition Partitioning
Kris Westcott - Chess Rock
Kris Westcott - Right Angles
Leanne Williamson - Purpose
Leanne Williamson - Working With 3 Digit Numbers
Leanne Williamson - Stage 1 Subtraction
Leanne Williamson - Stage 1 Addition
Robyn Leonard
Parul Narvar-Singh
Johanna Settree
Steph Westwood
Kate Regan
Laurie Hayhow
Shellie Tancred
Karen Barrett